The New Things I Learned In My New Web Design Company

I worked as a designer in a web design company but after an unsatisfactory hike of salary I decided to leave the company.
The new company was smaller than the old one but had dedicated and vibrant staff. I made friends quickly and felt at home there. The work was a different issue as my experience was low and this company worked with some pretty complicated stuff. After spending a year in the company I learned many things which I will now share with you.


One can make scrolling fun with the use of parallax scrolling. Parallax scrolling makes a very catchy way to deliver a visual message. Webydo has recently unveiled a parallax scrolling animator which is Code free. This will facilitate the creation of pixel-perfect, parallax websites. Implementing these types of new technologies will also bring prestige to your web design company.

Symbols and Icons

Information sites can get a bit boring with lots of texts. Icons and symbols can break the monotony and make the read interesting. This also makes the site easy to read and enjoyable.

Flexible Typography

In today’s world almost all websites are made responsive. Around 40 percent of the world now accesses the internet from mobile phones. Therefore all the websites must have layouts optimized for mobile or tab viewing. Content should not stay behind and it is better to create smaller versions of the content for viewing in the handheld devices. Long paragraphs are difficult to read in the mobile so it is better to have short versions of the content for mobile users. A summary of the content will be enough for the mobile users. The size of the text is another factor and make sure it is comfortable to read on a handheld device. If the text is too small the users will have to zoom which is a slight inconvenience which you do not want to give your users.

Image Optimization

It is advisable to use vector graphic images for making responsive visuals. If possible try to implement games or other incentives for visiting your website. Discount coupons and free e-books are a good way to intrigue your consumers. All these techniques needs to be finalized before one starts with the design as it will be difficult for a web design company to implement these techniques later in the process.
Apart from all the above the speed of your website is equally important if not more. Use reputed servers and ISPs to have lightning fast load speeds for your websites. Slow load speeds can cause a lot of customers to simply stop visiting your website. Therefore speed of your site is very important.

How We Made Our First e-Commerce Website Successful

images (7)We are a web design company and have been in business for the last 5 years. Recently we got an order from a client who wanted us to make an ecommerce website for them. ecommerce website design was a new project for us as it was something we have never worked on. It was obviously a challenge which everyone welcomed with open arms. This was a big break for us as this would give us a new and colorful feather in our hat. We were all very excited and wanted to start immediately but no one was sure where to start. Fortunately I met a friend of mine who was working in an ecommerce development company and had worked in such a project and he gave us the necessary ideas for the design. Along with that he also told us some other guidelines to make the project a success.
Here is the summary of the ideas and guidelines he told me:

Product Categories

The format of an ecommerce design depends on the type of product or products you are selling. If someone is selling only garments there can be only one page which changes only with male and female settings. This scenario changes drastically if the company is selling multiple products. In this scenario there will have to be many pages. There would be category listings along with search and filter options. Multiple product websites will obviously have numerous pages depending upon the amount of products they are selling. This type of system will need bigger servers and connections to keep fast loading times.

The Design

An ecommerce web design is not much different from any other sites with a few differences. If the client has an existing brand image one needs to incorporate that image in the design process. New and multiple photos of the products are also advisable. How many pages the client wants between the choosing to the purchasing page is also to be considered as they should look similar. The designs of a shopping site are normally not made very complicated and are kept simple to maintain good load times.

Basic Mantras

It takes time and patience to make an ecommerce site successful but there are a few basic principles which every ecommerce site needs to follow. An ecommerce site must show that it is trustworthy by maintaining a good returns policy. This type of site must be very easy to use so that people from all aspects of life can try their hands on online shopping. Transparency is another attribute an ecommerce website must have. Transparency basically means that the contact and customer support information must be visible easily on the website to induce confidence in the customer.

Other Tactics

People will always want to know what they are buying hence it is important to provide lots of high resolution pictures of the product. Also provide pictures from different angle to satisfy the curiosity of the customer. Another trick you may use is that you can show how many of that particular item is left in stock. This will make the customer think that the product may be in demand and is disappearing fast hence they may decide to buy it immediately.

Another good tactic for lateral sales is to show related products to the customer so that if the customer is remotely interested, he/she may decide to buy the related product. Make sure product descriptions are as detailed as possible and should not leave any questions in the mind of the buyer. If the client agrees you can also make arrangements for social media sharing functions. This will help the website to reach a larger number of people in a short time. Checkout process should be equally easy and should include multiple payment options.
My web design company followed the abovementioned guidelines and also advised the client on the guidelines which made our client successful within a short period of time. I would highly recommend these guidelines to anyone making an ecommerce website.

How We Optimized Our e-Commerce Website Design

images (8)Our web design company had created an ecommerce website for our client but despite a good design the response of the website was not very good. The client asked for our help regarding this matter. We were not sure how to help the client about this but one of our employees came up with these intriguing ideas to enhance sales.
Here are the ideas that our colleague gave to increase the impact of the website:

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart should be visible at all pages. This allows the customer to check which items he has already added to the cart and concentrate on other items he wants to check out. The shopping cart would work better if it had the checkout button along with detailed information about the items with price. This shopping cart also should stand out in the website and if necessary can have different colors to highlight the shopping cart. These changes were handled by our web design department. Add to cart button should have an option of “buy now” too so that if the customer wants only that single product he can directly go to the checkout page.

Site Search

If you have a multiple product website it is imperative that you should have a search option. Our client did not implement that in the first place so we advised him to do so. Our colleague also reminded us to incorporate the auto-complete option in the search bar. This feature is used by more than 20 percent of the online shoppers and hence is very useful and necessary. We also incorporated the filters and the sorting option necessary for search results.


Since our client had a multiple product website we observed that it is difficult to find the intended product right away. We implemented the “fly out” menu for the categories to avoid cluttering of the page. This also gave the customer the chance to choose categories at any point in time. Also incorporated the continue shopping button in the shopping cart so that the customer can return to the page he/she was visiting.

Product Overview

We also incorporated a small description of the product which will pop out when the customer hovers his mouse over a product image. The product pages were simplified and made to look clear. Product availability was another point we highlighted. Variation in a product regarding size or color should also be clearly detailed and pictures with all the color variations should be present.


Ecommerce websites always tend to provide different options and navigation for other items on the website. This system is okay for other pages but when the customer is reaching the checkout page distractions of this sort are not good for sales. If the customer reaches the checkout page it is important for the business that he completes the process. Therefore other distractions should not be present in that situation. The checkout page should display only items regarding payment and nothing else.
These new measures by our web design company changed the scenario a lot and the ecommerce site started to gain better revenue.